The Babisas Award is given by “Bangladesh Binodon Shangbadik Somiti” (English:Bangladesh Entertainment Journalist Association) or “BABISAS” every year for best performances in media. is an organization for progressive entertainment journalists.

The award has been given since 2004. Babisas is mainly a welfare voluntary welfare organization. Giving active support in preserving rights of members carrying out professional responsibility and giving moral and logistic support to the members who came to harm while carrying out their responsibilities, creating fund for various welfare of journalists, introduction of awards for special contribution of journalists.

Babisas wants to make entertainment journalists skilled, experienced and enriched in one hand and on the other hand an organization becomes essential on national level for growth of traditional culture.

Awards Category

  • Best Actor (cinema)
  • Best Actress (cinema)
  • Most Popular Actor (cinema)
  • Most Popular Actress (cinema)
  • Best Playback Singer (male)
  • Best Playback Singer (female)
  • Best Actor (drama)
  • Best Actress (drama)
  • Best Actor (drama serial)
  • Best Actress (drama serial)
  • Most Popular Singer (male)
  • Best Popular Singer (female)